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Barmeston Road, London

Sector: Residential Project: 5 of 5

This project comprised the addition of a new storey of residential space as part of the conversion of an existing two storey 1950s commercial unit. The work included the demolition of parts of the existing structure and the construction of an additional steelwork frame within the constraints of the existing building, with underpinning of the foundations to support the newly increased loads. A steelwork grillage was provided at existing roof level with an LGS frame over to create the five new flats. The development also included the construction of two new flats in a separate block to the front of the site.

Key Facts

  • underpinning and adaption of existing foundations
  • conversion of existing two storey structure for commercial use
  • steelwork framing for additional floors for residential
  • LGS framing
  • external drainage and hardstandings design

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