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Building Information Management

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What is BIM?

Building Information Management (BIM) is the process of creating a digital design model of the project which enables coordination of the design disciplines and embeds information into the design model that can be used for construction.  The use of BIM enables buildings to be designed and constructed more efficiently and with better coordination.  Sub-contractors and component designers can also include their information in the model.  Following construction, the model is used by the client as a record of information for facilities management of the building.

Our Experience

Paul Owen Associates have used 3D modelling processes for many years.  We switched to using Revit in 2010 and now use Revit as our software for the production of our structural models and drawings.  Experienced in undertaking projects to BIM Level II, we use the AEC (UK) BIM protocol as the basis of our collaboration with other parties.

We also use the latest 3D structural design software which assists us in delivering accurate and detailed designs.

Key Facts

  • BIM Level II

Services we offer

Structural engineering

Pre-planning advice

Due-diligence advice

Arrangement of geo-environmental studies

Civil engineering


Flood risk assessments

Below ground drainage

Monitoring/project management

Feasibility studies